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The Vision Performance Center strives to provide unsurpassed vision therapy care to all of our patients in Atlanta, GA.

Vision Therapy Quick Facts

  • 80% of the information we gather is VISUAL
  • Both eyes have to be developed to allow a person to use them as a TEAM and interpret information efficiently and effectively
  • Consists of a series of interactive procedures to improve the specific needs of the patient
  • Training the Brain through the visual system, to create or re-strengthen the brains neuroplasticity that controls our inward and outward visual responses


(F)ocus vs (f)ocus

is OUR Focus

F-midbrain function to aid to concentration and mental focus

f- the mechanism of accommodation, uses the optical and ocular system to maintain clarity


How to Identify a Vision Problem

Children should be referred for a comprehensive eye exam whenever visual symptoms are noticed or if they are not achieving their potential. Many of these vision problems will not be detected during a school vision screening or limited vision assessment as part of a school physical or routine pediatric health evaluation.

It is also helpful for you and your child’s teacher(s) to review the list of symptoms(under the vision therapy tab) to gain a full understanding of possible conditions your child may be experiencing.


We have recently moved! We are now located in the East Cobb area. 

521 Village Trace NE, Marietta, Ga

Building #10 Suite-100

Mission Statement

Our mission is to identify and resolve your vision problems. We take pride in listening to patients to fully understand all vision concerns. We educate our patients on the development of vision and how it impacts day to day tasks. By using state of the art equipment, we go beyond 20/20 vision to obtain optimal visual performance. Our goal is to help you reach your vision goals.

About Dr. Nicole Gurbal

Dr. Gurbal has steadily become a premier Developmental Optometrist in Atlanta, GA, winning the Georgia Young Optometrist of the Year Award in 2008. Read More...

Success Stories

Real and tangible patient testimonials that attribute Dr. Gurbal’s vision therapy program in Atlanta to their overall growth. Read More...

Vision Therapy

We utilize all the newest techniques and technology for vision therapy in Atlanta to ensure each individual patient receives the best possible treatment. Read More...

Contacts and Frames

We have a full selection of the most reliable brands of contacts, as well as designer Calvin Klein, Nike, and Flexon frames for Adults and children.

Atlanta Eye Exams and Vision Therapy

Feel free to contact us for more information about eye exams, contacts and frames, and vision therapy by Vision Performance Center. We are committed to providing you and your family with the highest quality of vision services. Exams are by appointment only.